1 Service Users
The service is available to nationwide university teachers, students, researchers and other staff.

2 Service Contents
Provide CALIS Interlibrary Loan service and delivery of photocopies of books, periodicals, conference papers, reports, standards, ancient literature, past newspapers.

3 Means of Document Delivery

Upon request, documents can be delivered through CALIS Document Delivery Software, E-mail, Post, ; Users may also choose to collect the document in person or to use special courier service.

4 Service Procedures
Users may take with them campus ID cards, or student cards, or staff ID cards and go to the office on the 3 rd floor of? Library and fill out the Document Delivery Request Form
Ordinary request will be responded within one working day, and the documents will be delivered within three working days (On holidays delayed to the next working day).

5 Charge
Processing Charge: documents collected within the CALIS network libraries: RMB 2.00; documents collected in the libraries other than the CALIS network libraries in China: RMB 5.00; documents collected in the foreign libraries: RMB 10.00
Delivery Charge: charged according to the costs

6 Service Time and Contact
Service Time: Monday to Friday 8: 30-11: 30; 14: 30-16: 30
Wednesday 8: 30-11: 30
Post Address: Office., Xi’an Polytechnic University Library
Contact Person: Yin Fangping Wang Simin
Tel: 029-82330107 029-82330116
E-Mail : office-lib@xpu.edu.cn wangsimin122@sina.com.cn

7 Supplementary Rules
(1) The use of documents delivered by Xi’an Polytechnic University Library is subject to the Chinese copyright regulations and the copyright regulations of the countries from which the documents are acquired.
(2) Xi’an Polytechnic University Library reserves the rights to interpret and revise this service handbook.